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The confidential information of both emergent and established businesses is best known as their trade secrets. The formula, pattern, practice, process, or design that characterizes a trade secret makes it indispensable to the financial success of a company, allowing for economic advantage over consumers and competitors alike.

At Craft Chu PLCC, you will work with a knowledgeable trade secret attorney unique to our exclusive practice of intellectual property law to ensure that your company’s trade secrets are tightly sealed. We have represented numerous clients in a wide range of subject matter of trade secret law, including issues such as sales methods, distribution methods, advertising strategies, consumer profiles, lists of suppliers and clients, and recipes and manufacturing processes, among others. Of course, there are several factors used to determine whether or not a trade secret has been compromised and what is protected. When you use a premier trade secret attorney Houston at the firm of Craft Chu PLCC, you will have a transparent, personable experience dedicated to protecting your company and resolving any issues that have manifested.

When you contact a trade secret attorney at Craft Chu PLCC, you are granted access to over 30 years of combined experience of protecting companies and prosecuting instances of misappropriation and other trade secret dilemmas. To learn more about our team of professionals and to find a trade secret attorney Houston that is the right fit for your company, please explore information about our practice and our services. To contact us directly, call us at 713.802.9144.

Trade Secrets are Protected by State Law

Unlike many of the other forms of intellectual property protection, trade secrets are protected by state law, not Federal law.  Patent applicants generally rely on trade secret law to protect their inventions while the patent applications are pending.